Q: After I install my Magdecals can they be easily adjusted and re-applied?
A: Yes. MagDecals can be adjusted and re-applied over and over. Magnetics gives you the option to put the graphic on and off whenever you like.
Q: Will MagDecals harm my paint?
A: Magnetic decals if installed and maintained properly will not harm the finish on your car. We do not recommend placing magnetic decals on the engine lid of your car. The higher heat can cause the magnetic material to soften and can potentially damage your paint. It is also important not to allow moisture to be trapped under your magnetic decal.
Q: Will MagDecals fly off my car at high speed?
A: If properly installed and maintained MagDecals will not lose their adhesion. MagnaGrafik uses high energy magnetic material which is speed rated to 140 mph.
Q: Will MagDecals cause discoloration if left on for long periods of time?
A: The areas of your paint that are exposed to sunlight will fade naturally over time due to UV exposure. We recommend removing your MagDecal periodically to let the paint breathe. It is also important that moisture not be allowed to be trapped under the magnetic decal for extended periods.
Q: Will MagDecals harm my new paint?
A: We would not recommend putting any graphic on your car for at least a month to allow fresh paint to cure. Factory paint work does not carry any restrictions.
Q: Do I have to clean them?
A: MagDecals require regular maintenance similar to the finish of your car. We recommend cleaning your MagDecals with the same solution you clean your car with.
Q: How do I put MagDecals on my car and get proper registration?
A: We provide you with a magnetic template which assures proper placement. You will need to trim the MagDecals at the door and wheel well using a utility knife or scissors.
Q: Will MagDecals lose their ability to stick over time?
A: MagDecals will not demagnetize unless they are exposed to heat over 300 F (149 C). Do not place your MagDecal over the engine.
Q: Do you offer versions of your magnetic designs in a vinyl decal?
A: Yes. All of our designs are available in high quality vinyl.
Q: Do you recommend magnetic or vinyl graphics for my car?
A: Our recommendation is based on how much you use your car. If your car is a garaged and is driven on nice days only we would go with magnetic. Also, having the flexibility to easily remove a decal is a big plus. If your car is a daily driver we would recommend going with a vinyl product. Many of our customers love the look of our graphics so much they end up going with the vinyl.